Monday, 13 March 2017

Tips for Buying the Best Electric ToothBrush

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush then these tips can help you in picking right electric brush for yourself and the children, and it will improve your oral health. Moreover,  it may make your reliance on the teeth whitening kit less. Even if you are using the electric brush for a long time and now you want to change it, the use of electric brush has become common usage due the convenience and effectiveness provided by these options in a busy lifestyle

Comparison of Manual and Electric brush
People choose manual or electric brush mainly based on two reasons, which are cost and control. The manual brushes are cost effective and quite handy to use because there are no mechanical parts attached to it. The manual brushes can be changed with a new brush without costing you much. Similarly, you have control over your hand for cleaning your teeth without causing discomfort in your mouth. It is good for people who have sensitive parts in their mouth which can cause irritation if you persistently use the electric brush. And the manual brush users have to use brush effectively for complete cleaning of teeth.

On the other hand, electric brushes are costly and require care of user for ensuring oral health without causing harm to other parts of the mouth. Some of the additional parts of electric brush need regular replacements which can increase its cost. However, it is effective in terms of cleaning tooth and gums for good oral hygiene. For example, it can help to remove the small food particles which are not possible if you use a manual brush. Additionally, some of the electric brushes have timer alerts to change the sides of the mouth for proper cleaning of teeth.

Brushing Techniques 
The timing of electric brushing is another significant step because you may want to use the specific techniques for cleaning the teeth. For instance, the timers of the electric brushes are mostly of thirty seconds to clean every part of your mouth from top to bottom. In other words, the use of the electric brush is timed for two minutes for the thorough brushing of teeth. This means that the toothbrush has the timer of thirty seconds, and after the thirty seconds you have to change the side of the brush for ensuring proper oral health. 

Electric Brush for Kids
If you are buying a brush for your kids, chose the one which is designed especially for kids. The brushes for kids are small so that they can handle it easily. The brushes for kids usually have vibrant colors for attracting their attention. The children-friendly brushes have soft bristles because it can damage their gums or teeth. So, if you are picking an electric brush for your child, it should be based on the recommendations of your dentist.

Qualities of Good Electric Brush
The quality of good electric brushes is that it has rotating heads which are beneficial for those who does not want to do it themselves. The use of the electric brush is easy to use and the head of the brush is used for more concentrated cleaning of the teeth. The user of brush also needs to ensure that brush goes to all targeted areas in the mouth.

Brushing too hard
Some electric brushes have pressure sensitive feature that alerts the user not to use the brush strongly. It is required for kids and older people who have sensitive gums and teeth and it is helpful for the user of brush in terms of not damaging the enamel of the teeth by aggressive brushing.

Sensitive Gums and Teeth
If you have sensitive teeth then you should use silicone electric brush as it relieves pain and irritation of gums. The soft bristle of silicone brushes does not cause irritation by rubbing against the gum and teeth in terms of giving you more are and control over the brush.

Use of Electric Brush for those who Travel
The people who travel a lot, the use of the electric brush is the best option, as it is easy and occupies less space in your traveling bag. Some brushes can charge on its own if you have no cable to charge the brush yourself. You can charge these brushes easily as they have USB ports for charging it.

Noise and Sensitivity of People
Some of the electric brushes produce noise while cleaning of teeth and it is annoying for some people. Therefore, there are brushes that are less loud during the use for those who want less noise. When you buy an electric brush from the store, it is best to go for the brushes, which will make less noise and can give you smaller strokes.

Benefits of Manual Brush
The use of the manual brush is helpful for people who are not satisfied with electric brush cleaning. The manual brushes are disposal, this means one can use them and get a new one after the use for a particular period of time to suit the needs. At the same time, with age, the preference of teeth cleaning changes and you can get a new one to suit your needs. Some people want brushes, which have soft bristle and some, may want the brush with a strong grip. So, the manual brushes have a large variety and one easily picks right one without much effort from a nearby store.

Role of Dentist
In addition, the use of the electric brush or manual brush varies and largely depends upon the dentist advice which is different in every case. The role of the dentist is important because people have different preferences when it comes to oral health. Some people are conscious about their oral health and some are ignorant and careless about the oral hygiene. Furthermore, dentists cannot promote one type of brush because it is a preference of the user. Everybody cannot afford expensive brushes because their income is less in comparison to the privileged ones.    



In short, if you are willing to change anything in your oral hygiene, always consult your dentists, especially when it comes to changing the brush type. The suggestion of dentist is essential for picking a right kind of brush for your children, in particular. If you have no dentists, it is good to go for one recommended by your family or friends rather than going to any random dentist. Lastly, the choice of a right dentist is a part and parcel of ensuring good oral health. The use of the electric brush is often suggested but it is dependent upon the user and the personal preferences of every individual.